makeup services

try it on.
complimentary. fifteen minutes.
looking for a lipstick or need a new concealer?  come on by and our beauty gurus will help you find your perfect match! walk-ins will be served in order of arrival.

woke up like this: natural glam + go.
35. thirty minutes.

get a pure and simple beauty fix with one of our experts. they’ll enhance your natural beauty in no time flat. includes light coverage foundation, concealer, blush, brow fill-in, powder and mascara. eyes not included. (not suggested for those who like more coverage.)

ready for my selfie: full face.
65. one hour.

Get a fresh face for a night out…or just for fun!
woke up like this, plus eyes.  

flawless: photo ready full face
80. seventy-five minutes.  

one of our beauty geeks will get you glam for any occasion when you’re going to be in the spotlight. includes long-lasting, photo-ready face + eyes. 


beauty brush up
100. sixty minutes.

get a one-on-one tutorial with our skilled makeup mavens. we’ll teach you how to put your best face forward with our tricks of the trade.

makeup bag detox
150.  ninety minutes.

let’s wake up your makeup together. we’ll peek inside your makeup bag (no judgment! we promise!) and tell you what to keep, what to toss, and what products you need to make your collection complete. followed by full-face makeup application.

falsies. 20.

professional faux lash application. strip or party cluster lashes that last thru the night.

brow tweeze. 20.
light clean up with tweezers during your makeup application.

tattoo cover. starts at 20.
long lasting and perfectly matched to your natural skin tone. your secret’s safe with us.