lash extensions.


Award winning—for a reason. Our artists kick serious lash at


you’re already easy on the eyes. make your morning routine easy too with customized faux-mink (read: super soft & cruelty free!) extensions applied one-by-one by our skilled lash artists.

sidenote: classic extensions are a single, thicker extension applied to each individual eyelash for a classic mascara look. volume extensions are micro-fine lashes grouped together and applied to an individual eyelash for a soft, fluffy look.


full set.
classic. 225. 120 minutes.

classic+volume hybrid. 300. 150 minutes.
up to 200 luxe, faux-mink extensions artfully applied to bring out your eyes, plus an extension 101 lesson and at-home maintenance kit.

mini touch-up. 50. thirty minutes.
want a little more drama or have a teeny gap? this one’s for you. 10-20 percent filled.

sidenote: touch-ups do not include removal of aging lashes. we simply add more extensions, so this appointment doesn’t take the place of your normal refills. kthnx.

express refill. 60. forty-five minutes.
get some lash love on your lunch break. expect 30-50 percent lashes filled. (1-2wk)

standard refill. 75. sixty minutes.
ready for your lash nap? get super full lashes with our most popular fill. 50-65 percent filled. (2-3wk)

complete refill. 129. ninety minutes.
do your lashes need a little extra tlc? babe, we got you. up to 75 percent filled. (3-4wk)


new client refill. 125. ninety minutes.
new to us, but not new to extensions? great!
you get our standard refill, plus extension 101 and our signature maintenance kit. (must have approval from our lash artists before booking. 50 percent coverage to qualify for a new client refill. otherwise, a full set is needed.)

extension consult. 25. thirty minutes.
are we a match? we want to make sure our products can seamlessly blend with your existing extensions. our skilled artists will inspect your lashes for compatibility and suggest a new client refill or full set based on the condition ofyour extensions. book within 30 days and get $25 off new client fill or full set.
(required before booking new client fill.)

extension removal. 50. forty-five minutes.
pretty please no picking or pulling your lashes off. let us gently and professionally remove extensions so you don’t damage your natural lashes.

volume add-on. 15. add on.
advanced technique where teeny, tiny micro-fine lashes are bundled in groups from 2-6 and applied to your individual lashes for a full, yet soft and fluffy look.



more eyelash goodies

lash lift. 149. sixty minutes.
put down the eyelash curler and nobody no lashes get hurt. think of our lash lift as a modern-day perm for your eyelashes. gently lifts lashes from the base with just the right amount of curl to open up your eyes and get your natural lashes noticed. #wincwinc.

lash tint. 40. thirty minutes.
what are you going to do with all the time you’re saving skipping mascara? dark brown or black tint for top and bottom lashes.

lash detox. 15. add on.
oops! did you forget to take off mascara? we can do it for you, but it takes away precious lash time during your appointment, so please come with fresh, clean lashes.