brows, waxing & sugaring


brow shaping. 40. thirty minutes.
with tint. 50. forty-five minutes.

first time brow babes, it’s time to get your arches on fleek. we use your own unique facial structure to create the most flattering brow shape for you. always natural, never skinny. gentle waxing and/or tweezing get the job done. includes lesson on filling those beauties in, too.

brow clean up. 25. fifteen minutes.
with tint. 40. thirty minutes.

we’ve already established your perfect brow, now let’s maintain your shape with gentle waxing and/or tweezing.

brow tint. 20. fifteen minutes.
perfectly matched tint to bring out your eyes.

lip wax. 15. fifteen minutes.
mustaches are for hipsters. not beautiful, chic you. let’s fight the fuzz!

chin wax. 15. fifteen minutes.
sprouting stray eyebrow hairs…on your chin? your secret’s safe with us.